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Congressman Gene Taylor
4th Congressional District, Mississippi

“Disability Connection is a positive step to educate citizens including our Veterans and seniors about resources available that can help them become more active participants in our community.”

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Governor Haley Barbour
State of Mississippi

“Your organization is an essential component in rebuilding the Gulf Coast, and I sincerely thank you.

“...As you know, non-profits that serve people with disabilities were virtually wiped out after Hurricane Katrina. Your initiative…provides a modern method of training, information gathering and networking among those with disabilities and the families that care for them.”

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Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors’ Bureau
Richard Forester, Executive Director

“This will truly enhance education, independence, and quality of life for persons with disabilities.”

“It will also encourage greater facilitation of tourism experiences for that population and hopefully will make providers in the hospitality and tourism industries more aware of the needs of persons with disabilities.”

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Harrison County Board of Supervisors
Human Resources Agency

Janice Green, Executive Director

“I wish to express my enthusiastic support...”

“... O’Keefe Educational Media is an established pacesetter in providing support to people of diverse backgrounds in this community.”

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Harrison County Development Commission
Larry S. Barnett, Executive Director

I support (your) efforts to enhance education, independence and quality of life for persons with disabilities.”

“a viable concept that seeks to build an interconnecting community using technology...”

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Area Agency on Aging
Southern Mississippi Planning & Development
Barry Dixon, Director

We wish you success...  We look forward to working cooperatively and effectively with you...

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Mental Health Association of Mississippi
Kay Daneault, Executive Director

“...It will be wonderful to have one website that people can go to and find out information on so many different topics...”

“There are so many wonderful organizations in the area with things to offer. However, the organizations and the people they are trying to reach do not always connect. This is a way to come together and promote what this gulf coast has to offer. It is also a way to communicate to the public that people with a disability are vibrant members of our society that can participate in activities and have fun...”

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  Institute for Disability Studies
University of Southern Mississippi
Jane Siders, Director

I fully support this project. Please let me know whatever the Institute can do...

“We recognize a need for this…and expect organizations and individuals coast-wide to use it to help people with disabilities achieve their full potential and enjoy coast recreation to its fullest...”

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Lynn Meadows Discovery Center
Cynthia Minton, Executive Director

“(This work) is valuable to those who are suddenly thrust into the challenges a disability...”

“Janie worked with an advisory committee at Lynn Meadows...to create a month-long emphasis...highlighting the abilities of individuals with disabilities...allow the community at large to grow in their awareness and support of a segment of our population that is often times ignored...”

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The ARC of Mississippi
     Association for the Rights of Citizens
        with Developmental Disabilities

Mike Montgomery, Director of Special Projects

...a definite need for information and opportunity for people with disabilities.

“...many simply do not understand what is available... The work that you are doing will certainly support a more inclusive society for everyone.”

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DREAM Program
Lindsay and Troy Trigg,
Founders/Executive Director

“...we are constantly discussing ... ‘How can we get the word out?’...Your organization has a modern solution that is long overdue...”

“People with disabilities have the right to have a lifestyle that is enriching and accommodating. Your project will create an information link for everyone involved and the connections could be endless...”

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Marc Gold & Associates
Michael Callahan, President

“MG&A is a national network... working with the disability field to enhance... employment...  The proposed (project) is a viable concept that seeks to build an interconnected community using technology and providing services to disadvantaged segments of the community...”

Travel Web Site
for People with Disabilities

David Sherrer

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“The Mississippi Gulf Coast area can only benefit from such a program. The proposed Internet Center will increase access to a large database of accessibility information...”

“This is an all win situation for both the disabled community as a whole, and the business community at large. It will not only serve to enhance the opportunities for the disabled resident and traveler, but also serves to increase local business customer base through improving accessibility to their establishments...”