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O'Keefe Educational Media, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, in cooperation with over 12 organizations, is developing Disability Connection, an educational Internet Resource Center and Directory to create a connected community to enhance quality of life and health for persons with mental and physical disabilities.

The Objectives Are:

(1) to provide information to people with disabilities in several categories: Disability Information Resources (statewide and nationwide), recreation (events / art / music / travel / camps / sports / shopping / entertainment), education & employment (libraries / workshops / schools / lessons), health & wellness (mental health/ health education/ support groups), government services (disaster preparedness/services), transportation, veteran programs, senior programs, civic clubs/churches/community assistance programs, equipment/technology, medical services, and business/professional services.

(2) to connect organizations and resources available through a search engine.

(3) to supply an educational tool for professionals in the fields of Disability Services, Mental Health, Education/Research, Economic Development & Tourism, and Therapeutic Medicine.

(4) to create an Interactive Message Board for open dialogue.

(5) to post current information/events by Providers of services on a Community Bulletin Board, a resource that can be appropriated for communicating Emergency Information for People with Disabilities by Government Agencies (a need voiced in our Post-Katrina environment).

(6) to open opportunities for on-the-job training as Data Entry Operators.

(7) to participate in Health Fairs & Expos.


This Multimedia Center is downloadable and will host information on hundreds of organizations with a search engine, links, maps, brochures, audio, video, Community Bulletin Board, Message Board, and Social Networking Center (blog).  Future features will incorporated such as Closed Captioning, non-English languages, large text versions, text only versions, and read audio web pages.

Each Year's Sponsors are listed on the front page, rotated in a sponsorís banner, and if the sponsor has services for people with disabilities, it may be included in the directory. Uploaded attachments include logo, photos, audio, links to video, and brochures. Sponsors will be invited to the Media Kickoff, printed on promotional posters/materials, and receive a recognition plack.

Promotion will be through Media, Community Presentations, and Health Fairs/Expos with health screenings, computer training, new technology, and booths representing Service Providers.  

Objectives Expected:

(1) Individuals with disabilities participate more in physical activities through more knowledge about available resources.  

(2)  Providers who serve people with disabilities are more aware of programs & resources

(3)  The open dialogue for Providers and Users will encourage socialization and expand opportunities.   

(4)  Providers of services and government leaders have a new resource to get information to people with Disabilities including emergency information.

(5)  Vocational Rehabilitation on-the-job training opportunities will be available as Data Entry Operators for people with disabilities.

(6)  Quality of life, health, mental health and wellness for children and adults with disabilities including Veterans and seniors will be enhanced by greater access to information and opportunity.